Business Review – Yelp Talk Jail (Again, Indefinitely)

Day 2

Threatened with the prospect of being here forever, I have embraced compliments and private messages as my form of communication. I hold steadfast to my claims that I am innocent of the charges brought against me.

I fear there is a conspiracy against the Prime. Why else would I be banned when my crimes, if any are so minimal?

I have been advised by members of the community to create an alt account, however I won’t. I hold on to HOPE.. HOPE that Yelp will do the right thing and release me from these chains that bind me. HOPE that they will see my value, the worth I bring to the community. HOPE.. For without HOPE, we are nothing….


Day 1

Shock and disgust within the community. One of their own has been locked up wrongfully. Accused of a petty crime he did not commit. The community has spoken. Free Angel.

******************** ******************** ******************** ****************
Now I find myself in Yelp Talk Jail indefinitely.

If I said I’m not pissed off, then I’d be lying to you. I will not react to this more than simply writing this review. I find it highly unfair that I get jailed (banned) “forever” when people say far worst things to me, than I ever respond with. I don’t even curse on this site! I create threads, but I never flood the front page. Those are the actions of funny friends trying to embarrass me.

Overall my experience on yelp has been good, the events are very cool, I’ve met mostly really cool people, and I’ve even managed to raise money to help our troops. If I can’t post I can’t post. I’ll keep my account active.

I don’t leave the site because I have met really cool people here. I enjoy attending the Yelp events, official and unofficial alike. Otherwise things would be different.

I thank you friends for keeping me grounded. And to those that are responsible for this, I thank you too. For you are the other side of the coin.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

Angel Rodriguez
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