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Yes! I walk like a duck!


Yes! I walk like a duck!

My body is not perfect. I’m relatively healthy, and I can walk, and move about pretty normally. However, my feet turn out on both sides, one of them significantly more than the other. This is very noticeable when I walk, especially when I’m sore and limping from training.

angry-duck (1)

Growing up I was often teased and picked on because of the way I walk. I was called duck feet, the penguin, and I was even told that I walked like I had a big penis shoved up my ass. Kids can be brutal, there is no doubt about that. The torment went on from grade school until about high school. Believe it or not, this experience can scar you, and you carry that for the rest of your life.


I’m a grown adult now, middle aged actually, yet I still get those stares from people as I walk. They still look at my damn feet as if I’m some sort of Martian. People don’t make fun of me anymore. Adults usually don’t behave that way. Plus I’m willing to place a wager that this version of Angel today won’t tolerate such an abuse the way that the young Angel did. He’s also much wittier than that kid version was and will retaliate against anyone. It doesn’t bother me the way that it used to when I was a little child, but if you catch me on a sensitive mood, it can bug me to have someone staring me down that way.

That being said, if you see someone like me, walking by you like a duck or a penguin, don’t stare. It’s rude, may get you slapped, and also makes you look like an ass. Just let them waddle by in peace.


From all the duck walkers of the world, thank you. Oh yeah, and screw off. Quack, quack!



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