You Are Not See Through!

I was food shopping, looking through the vast selection of breads available at my local supermarket. I had my eyes on that 15 grain bread, it looked mighty delicious.

Then it happened, apparently, this woman must have thought that she was transparent. She knows I’m there, and she jumps directly in front of me and begins to examine the breads.

I’m a nice guy, but when something like this happens, it really irritates the hell out of me. I believe that as human beings, we should all be cordial and respectful of one another. Yet, this woman, for whatever reason, didn’t even take into consideration that I was there first. She just rudely cut in front of me, and went about her business.

While this happened, I kept my cool, and I moved along the aisle to the other sections. Yet, is it wrong of me to have become frustrated with her complete disregard for me?

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