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Yesterday, one of my friends was teasing me because she thought I was showing a few signs of fatigue. I was not fatigued, however, during certain dances in Zumba, I like to improvise and do my own thing as I don’t like to do certain movements.

So the instructor was teasing me and said, “Angel doesn’t raise his arms.” I knew she was goofing with me, and I just took it. No worries. However, in comes one of the participants, one who always seems to jump at an opportunity to attack me.

The person attempts to ride the bandwagon, and implies I’m weak and lazy. I decided to ignore the person, and didn’t say anything in retaliation. Frankly, if I did, they’d probably end up crying. However, my instructor made a statement to clarify that she was just teasing me, and quite aware that I train 3-4 hours a day. So if I was tired, well, it would be extremely logical. She also mentioned how I’ve transformed my body, and that this is no small feat.

Again, not one to pass up an opportunity to attack me, the person screams, “He’s not the only one.” Now I’m starting to get irritated, and I didn’t say anything except, “Keep drinking that haterade, gulp, gulp.” Anything else I could have said, would probably upset this person, and make them cry.

Here’s the bottom line of it all. You may take the same classes as me, you may be in the gym as often as me, maybe, (I doubt it) maybe even longer, but you cannot match my intensity. You do not work the way I do. We are on such different levels that it’s not even funny. The mirror can serve as a reminder of that, should you ever require it. Look at yourself over the past year, and look at me. Definitely NOT on the same level. I don’t mean to sound cocky, or boast, but let’s be real here. Seriously.

My one hour of HIIT training, compared to this person’s one hour is not even worthy of using the word comparison, because there is no comparison. We are not on the same level, we are not on the same planet, we are not even on the same universe. So as a last ditch effort to save face, or redirect, the person says, “I’m not hating, but you’ll never be as good as ‘so and so.'” To which I replied, that’s a backseat I don’t mind taking.

Look, I go to the gym to train, I don’t bother anyone, I don’t speak negatively to anyone, I try to elevate people there. I know I talk a big one on social media, and I know I come off as harsh, but I’m generally very nice to people in there. I don’t speak about my progress unless someone asks, and I get along with nearly everyone. But please, please, please, open your eyes, wake up and do yourself a favor, don’t ever, ever, EVER try to compare yourself to me in any way, shape or form. It doesn’t matter to me, but it just makes you look really, really sad. I’m gonna say it one more time for the people in the back, we are just NOT on the same plane. I wouldn’t even mention this if not provoked to do so, it’s not a matter of boasting, it’s just a statement of fact. You are simply not on my level, and water is wet.

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