Young able bodied and lazy in the NYC streets!

You see them all over NYC, particularly in “younger” areas. They are all over the union square area. Healthy, young, able bodied men and women sitting around on the sidewalks or parks with a cardboard sign, “PLEASE HELP”, or “HUNGRY”. When ignored they generally respond with some snide remark to express their displeasure.

Usually I am a very kind and generous person, and I also encourage those around me to be the same way. Yet when it comes to these deadbeats, I am 100% cold and completely ignore them. Granted, I do not know the circumstances that these folks come from, but I find it very, very difficult to believe that a row of young, strong looking adults are all unable to find and sustain gainful employment.

These people are probably the ones that feel that the government owes them something, lazy people that do not do anything for themselves. I won’t even label them occupiers because they have been around long before this occupy Wall street movement began, and they’ll still be around long after its gone. Also to lump ALL occupiers with these people is an insult to the actual hardworking occupiers.

Perhaps I am wrong about these people, I know there is a chance that I am, yet I doubt it. They sit around smoking, loitering, self proclaimed homeless guys, it’s like they think it’s cool and hip to be out there asking for money. They probably come from families that are richer than I’ll ever dream of, yet this is their rebelling period or something.

God forgive me for passing judgement, but it irritates me to see them, and more so to have them heckle me for walking pass them without giving them money. If you have any concrete information on the true nature of these men and women and why they are in the street asking for money, then please enlighten me and I will take back my words. Until then, I’ll maintain my opinion that they are just lazy people and want everything handed to them.

New Yorkers, everyone else, how do you feel about these type of people that I have described? Share your honest opinion, we don’t have to agree to engage in civil dialogue.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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