Young kids killed a 13 month old baby boy.

When I first read the story that 13 month old Antonio Santiago was shot and killed, I assumed that this was another drive by or random shoot out gone terribly bad. One of those terrible scenarios like recently occurred in Chicago, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

According to Antonio’s mother, 2 young black boys (15 yrs old or so) came over to her and asked her for money, she swore she didn’t have any money. One of the kids, asked her “Do you want me to shoot your baby?”  She stated that she pleaded with them not to kill her baby, that she really didn’t have money. At that point the 15 year old kid fired a few shots, one of them hit her near the ear and one on the leg, one shot was fired directly at the little man, this animal shot him right in the head.

The mother didn’t even realize that she was hurt and was trying to give her boy cpr. Once she realized that he was lifeless and not moving she knew he was gone. Just like that. The good thing about this is that the mother was not killed and she saw who did it. 2 teens are now in custody thanks to an anonymous tip, I hope those animals if proven guilty spend the rest of their waking days in prison. The mother wants lethal injection, she stated “If they can make the adult decision to kill a baby, they deserve to be tried as adults.”  I agree with her 100%. Our deepest condolences go out to the family, such a young child dying in this type of senseless crime is too sad. They better pay for this.

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