Young man shot dead in Ferguson riots

DeAndre Joshua, a young, 20 year old black man was found shot dead just a few yards from scene of Michael Brown’s death. According to his family, he was not into any drugs, gangs, and an all around good person. He was shot while in his vehicle, and the police have not provided any details just yet. At this point in time we cannot say what the motive was for his shooting, if there was any. We all know that many rounds were being fired in protest, and he could have been hit by one of those accidentally. However, that is all speculation at this time.

At the end of the day, another young black man is dead. Many businesses and a lot of personal property has been destroyed. Over 60 people have been arrested for theft and looting. I’d say that the objective of enacting change in the community is going over just fine, and hey, if you get a new pair of sneakers out of the deal, why not? I mean, Christmas is just around the corner right.

Sarcasm aside, this is terrible. Now another young man is dead, and the problem has not been resolved. Friends, this is not the way, please stop the irrational behavior, it accomplishes nothing!

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