Zoob Zib Aura Thai Noodle Bar


It was once again time for a nice brunch with the family. We had come to this place before, and my little sister wanted to visit it again. I don’t think I reviewed it then, so I’ll do so now.

As I often do, I decided to get a sampler appetizer to share with everyone. For the most part, everything was a hit. The dumplings were the only thing that were basic at best.

The service here was okay and the people are relatively nice. The food was pretty good. and unable to resist, I also ordered some fried calamari, and that was delicious. My son actually tried it, and he liked it. That’s a new one as my kid doesn’t normally eat any seafood whatsoever! Well, welcome to the world of fried squid my boy!

I got the snapper, and that thing took forever to come. Then as with any whole fish, it took me forever to eat it. My son, sis, and mom kept it basic and got fried rice dishes. Their food came out relatively quick, and they all seemed satisfied. Though mom said she’d have liked a bit more flavor in the food. You know us Puerto Ricans, we want our flavor!

This is a pretty good spot, and I’d definitely come back again. If you are in the area, give it a go, you won’t regret it.


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