2 months after vasectomy

So here we are, over two months later. How are things going on my end? Well, the pain in the testicle area is not as bad as it was, I can do most of my cardio sessions without any pain. Though I do wear support (jock strap) when I teach Zumba as I tend to jump around a lot and that kind of hurts the boys a bit.

My doctor insists that this is not the post-vasectomy pain syndrome that I’ve read about. He said it would be much more severe and that it would not be getting better. His response was, some people take longer to heal. I hope that is the case, though this pain is mostly on touch or manipulation, it would suck to have to live with this forever. I’m just hoping that I am a slow healer and not screwed.

So I purchased and ran two tests that check for sperm in the semen and both of them came up negative, with no sperm in my semen. To confirm the validity of this test, I asked one of my buddies to go home and take the exact same tests as I did. I gave them to him and he did this for me. In his case, the tests said that he did have sperm present in his semen. So it seems that tests are consistent and accurate. If you’d like to test for yourself, this affiliate link below will take you to it.

And here is the other one I tried, yeah, I don’t trust just one test. Mind you, my doctor also did a test at his clinic, but again, I need multiple tests with control subjects to determine accuracy. In addition, I will perform these tests on myself every 6 months or so. Vasectomies sometimes heal, and we don’t want any surprises, you know?

In any case, so far it has worked as intended. I’m almost pain-free, but not entirely. The jewels are sensitive to touch in a specific area. Also, if I bounce them around or bang them up, they are much more sensitive than they used to be, but not as bad as before. I hope that all changes in time and eventually they’ll be completely pain-free again.

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