2 year old shoots his 1 year old brother

Responsible gun owners do not let their children gain access to their firearms. Recently, we spoke about a mom who was shot by her young child some years ago. Now we are revisiting just another scenario where a toddler gets a hold of a firearm and accidentally fires it.

In this case, unlike the aforementioned one the 1 year old victim was not as lucky. This child accidentally shot and killed his baby brother with his parents’ 9 mm pistol. Understand this, the baby is dead. Shot and killed by his own sibling.

There are people out there who argue that the parents made a mistake, but that this mistake should not cost them their gun ownership rights. I blame the parents 100% in this case, and not only should they lose their rights to own firearms, they should be held responsible for the death of that baby.

I’m not an anti gun person, but when someone examines a scenario like this one, yet still believes the parent should continue to have gun rights, we have to call that for what it is: stupidity of the highest level!

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