5 Fashion Startups Changing The Way We Shop

E-commerce companies find themselves, as a business and a brand, inspired to offer more than just clothing, food, accessories, or a great marketing plan — you need a personalized service that connects consumers to your company in a way they won’t forget. Many fashion startup companies have moved to integrate personal shopping, next day service, and one-on-one online help at your service when you need it. These services impact the businesses overall sale and customer return increase.

Take a look at these five fashion startup companies that are changing the way you shop.

Of a Kind
Of a Kind is an e-commerce store that only offers limited edition pieces from emerging designers and artist. Founders Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo built this website to help showcase the artwork and stories of each designers by partnering with each one to create unique pieces consumers can’t buy anywhere else. Every product on Of a Kind is made in small quantities of 40 or less, this presents consumers with the opportunity to own valuable and exclusive clothes and jewelry to further understand the inspiration and style of each designer, while adding individuality and rareness to your closet. Of a kind has also built a reputation for being the place to find new brands by showcasing the stories behind each designer on their website.

Poshmark leaves the selling pretty much up to you, the company just helps you with a few tools along the way and a community of potential buyer. Poshmark allows you to sell any piece of clothing in your closer, in good condition of course, to their market of fashionistas. This startup company, gives you the freedom to shop or sell to any garment across the world. By posting a picture of one of your old items, or attending a virtual “posh party” you have a greater opportunity of selling or buying merchandise. The factor that sets Poshmark a part from others is the protected and hassle free shipment. Once you’re ready to sell your clothes or shoes, Poshmark will provide you with a pre-paid and pre-addressed label, that’s ready to be put on the box and dropped off at your local USPS mailboxes.

Rent The Runway
Rent The Runway is a technological fashion company that creates new lanes to connect consumers to looks straight of the runways for a period of time. RTR collaborates with top-notch designers like Derek Lam, Diane von Furstenberg, and Elizabeth and James to feature in “Our Runway” catalog which helps each woman chose the right dress by seeing it on another woman — not models. The fashion-tech company ensure every garment that’s returned undergo’s professional inspection and dry-cleaning by experts making the dress look as good as the day you got it.

Colabination discovers new brands from emerging designers every day within an affordable price range to bring street style, surfer gear, and boho fashion to its consumers. This Philadelphia based brand creates a market place to showcase each designer and the story behind them.

Bow & Drape
New York City’ Bow & Drape is a marketplace that inspires stylish women to take their fashion a bit further through customization. The online boutique supports self-expression and innovative fashion ideas, with this they allow all customers to personalize each piece to reflect their personality and style. First you’ll have to choose a size, then you can choose any lettering and embellishment you like and your custom order is processed and shipped. This is a great opportunity for other startup companies and innovators to promote themselves and their business trough fashion.

This post first appeared on Iamfeistyy and is shared with permission from author Krissy Lewis.


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