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50 Cent New Video 9 Shots

To this day I still listen to 50 Cent’s early music during my workouts. Most of his tunes have a beat that makes me think of boxing, and they lend themselves to bouncy type footwork. It’s great for shadowboxing or hitting the bag!

50 Cent has been on the news lately, but not for good reasons! Apparently he’s broke, but I ain’t buying that! You ain’t broke, 50, you ain’t broke! At least not in the conventional sense of the word!

In any case, 50 just released this dope new video and it has been well received by the masses. All of the feedback that I have read on Facebook, Twitter, etc, leads me to believe that 50 is about to mount a major comeback so to speak.

This video is pretty powerful, I felt the tension and uncertainty as I sat and watched it. It actually made me feel nervous, and that’s crazy. Through the video they were able to create the same type of tense feeling that 50 would have felt at the time! Not many people can do that!

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes and check out “9 Shots!”

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