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A man wearing hot pink tights

Yesterday, I decided to try out my brand new hot pink zumba pants. Here’s the thing, as progressive as NYC is, seeing a grown ass man in hot pink pants still gives people pause. I realized that as I strolled along the streets of Queens boulevard and boarded the E train.

I knew that I would attract attention from some people, but I didn’t think I would attract the level of attention that I did. I saw some folks smile, some outright laugh, and some were just damn confused.

Lookie here motherfuckers, what’s so outrageous about hot pink tights? They are just very bright pants. LOL.

Anyway, as I walked towards Retro fitness, I saw a group of young kids. There were about 7 of them in the group, and I thought to myself, if these kids see me, they are going to roast the shit out of my ass.

For those of you who are not familiar with this vernacular, it means that they would start to make fun of me. I knew this would be inevitable, so I walked slowly, trying my best to remain undetected by the youths in my super bright hot pink tights.

Oddly enough, they didn’t see me. We stopped at a red light, and I still tried to remain invisible and quiet. We continued to walk, I trailed slowly behind them, and then I started to turn into the gym. Then I heard it, “YOOOO! Look at this n*gga’s bright ass pants! SONNNNNN!!!!” I didn’t stop walking, I waved at them and kept going towards the safety of the gym doors! Lol.

I’m damn lucky they didn’t see me sooner cause I’m telling you, I would have been roasted hard for the entire walk. LOL.

In any case, I decided that next time I wear those pants, I’m wearing sweats on top of them until I get to class and teach. I got some very odd stares at the gym, but men wear tights there so its not as uncommon. But walking around outside, that shit was just too much attention. I don’t like that much attention in the streets. I try to be incognito out there, and wearing bright pink pants, that’s not the way. LOL.

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