A Message To Free Pride Glasgow Regarding Drag Queen Policy

I read a post on the web stating that a Pride Event was banning drag queens from appearing at their event. As a person who has a few drag queen friends, I thought I’d take a look and chase this article down to the source before forming an opinion. I determined that as always, the true story was being twisted by some individuals.

I’m not gay and I cannot pretend to understand the challenges that gays face in this world. However, as a friend of the gay community, I would like to discourage any of you giving ammunition to those who would try to hurt you by twisting your words and creating further division among humanity.

Like I said, one article I read states “Gay Pride Event Bans Drag Because It Could Offend Transgendered People.” Some individuals are having a field day with this. I read statements such as “Ironic isn’t it?” Clearly after reading the original article, it’s understood that they are not banning drag. Drag queens and kings will be allowed to attend the event, but they will not be featured as performers in the show.

In my opinion, by omitting any group from performing, you are in essence doing what others have done to you in the past. It’s just not cool y’all. I’d encourage you to reassess the situation, and if you have time, take a look at how your words are being twisted on some sites. I am a contributor to some far right wing websites, (generally those are against you) and I’m trying to bridge this massive gap that exists between the far left and the far right. However, how can we unite these opposing sides, when you are creating division within your own smaller community?

I hope you think this through, and should there be a change, please let me know and I will do my best to spread the good news.

Image Drag queen/Wikimedia Commons

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