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Adversity can make you or break you

I’ve dealt with a lot of disappointment in life, as well as some pretty tough circumstances. As such, I’m fairly good at dealing with adversity. I’m not made out of ice, things bother me, but I’m proficient at just accepting things and continuing forward movement. I mean, if you really just stop and analyze things, you’d realize that there is nothing else can you do?

In life you will encounter bad circumstances, things will fall through, you’ll lose friends, loved ones and much more. It’s just a part of life, it’s inevitable, but what else can you do but continue moving forward? I refuse to allow any one circumstance or person to suck me into a dark place of self pity, suffering and eternal ache for too long. Mind you, I carry some demons inside. They sleep for the moment, but they are always there looking to take over and become the dominant force in my mind’s eye. I don’t let them.

On occasion I’ll engage them, we’ll talk and I’ll let the demon have its moment in the spotlight. I think it’s okay to cry, to feel pain, to suffer, for awhile. It’s human nature. However, it is not okay to linger for extended periods of time and to ruin your life over it. Everyone grieves or suffers differently, I’m not trying to tell you how to suffer or deal with pain. But I am trying to impart that you cannot let it imprison you, you cannot let it keep you from moving forward. I’d argue, that despite the pain, if you simply keep moving forward, you’d adapt and learn how to cope with it faster. The good old fake it till you make it approach.

Bare in mind, I’m no expert. You are not reading from a man who is educated in any of this stuff. I’m just a human being with some life experience, who has dealt with the loss of love, family, and so on. The only way I can survive is to continue forward movement. This works for me. I cry when I’m sad, I allow myself to feel pain, and then I simply keep on trucking.

These bad experiences, adversity, it can make you or break you. The process can make you tougher, or simply wear you down. I argue that as long as you try and move forward, you reduce the odds of the darkness taking you. Maybe I’m mistaken and one day I’ll die from stress or a heart attack, who knows? But as this point in my life, I think my methods have served me well and I’ll continue this way.

What are your thought? How do you deal with adversity?

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