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UPDATE: The folks at AETNA reviewed my claims and concluded that I was not at fault. They made things right, and as such I thank them. These companies do the right thing from time to time, and I’m happy that in the end AETNA did good by me and my family.

Normally I do not use this venue to go on “rants,” or to attack any specific brand. However, I think this is one of the times I will make an exception. In fact, I will be sharing this post across all of my brands.

Okay, so I betcha didn’t know that AETNA, in addition to health insurance, also has a little known corporate life insurance plan in place? Well, they do, but for me they don’t! They do, because it exists. They don’t, because they set me up for failure, and denied me my rightful continued coverage. I want to get the word out because I feel they treated my family quite unfairly. These large companies get away with far too much, but if I can get the “AETNA SUCKS” message out there, perhaps they will learn that consumers have options! We don’t need them, they are supposed to serve us!

When I was laid off from my firm, I was presented with options to keep the various insurance programs that I had in place for the last 18 years. The company went well beyond what they were required to do to take care of me and my family while I transitioned out. I cannot complain about that at all, these guys did really good by me.

One of the options that I was given was the right to keep my existing life insurance under AETNA. Keeping it with those guys would be infinitely more cost effective than having to start over somewhere else. To give you perspective, the cost with AETNA under the corporate plan, to insure myself, my wife, and my son was under $50 a month. While getting insured through another firm, for myself alone, was quoted at $120 and up a month!

You can understand then why I wanted to keep my plan. It’s only logical that one would want to keep these great plans in place.

Well, due to a communication break with AETNA, and their not getting me the required paperwork in a timely fashion, I didn’t “meet the time deadlines.” Are you getting what I’m saying to you? They set deadlines, I called in within the deadline, several times, and THEY did not send out the paperwork. After several phone calls, I finally managed to get someone to send me the documents I required.

The person acknowledge that there was a mistake made, that was OUT OF MY control, and that I would not be held responsible for this mistake. However, once I submitted all the paperwork, payments, and appeals, AETNA sends me a lovely letter stating “You did not get the paperwork in on time, we must reject your application.”

My appeal to AETNA clearly stated that I was aware the paperwork was late, but that this was an error on their side, and that I was clearly informed that I would not be held liable for this. Once again, the response was “Your application is denied because it was late.”

I don’t know, perhaps my English is not clear? THE APPLICATION IS LATE, DUE TO YOUR OWN ADMINISTRATIVE ERRORS. The nature of my appeal clearly stated that the lateness stemmed from their side. They don’t care, they rejected it. See where I take issue with this? All they have to do is not send the paperwork in a timely fashion, and then deny you. How is that good business practice or fair? I haven’t lawyered up because the cost benefits ratios are not worth it, but I won’t be silent about it.

When I phoned to discuss this, the operator told me that “their decision is final.” I explained the situation, and asked to speak to “them.” I made repeated requests, and the answer was the same, “You are denied.” I decided to take action on twitter, and I was able to get a new dialogue going, only to arrive to the same end result “You are denied because you were late.”

Here is the bottom line, AETNA made a mistake, yet they don’t own up to it. They don’t give me any recourse, or help in addressing this matter.

The fact of the matter is that this type of AETNA product is not available to the general public, it is a perk. However, since I am no longer employed by the firm, and I no longer carry the weight of their support behind me, AETNA has pretty much told me to screw off.

At this point, I don’t want to waste any more energy trying to fight this, but I hope that I can at least spread the message of their wrong doing. These big companies believe that they can poop all over the “little guy” because they always get away with it. Well, at least I have the ability to speak about it and can hopefully reach some people who may then see them for what they are, and use one of their competitors instead.

Please share this out and help spread the word that AETNA SUCKS!


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