Aggressive guy on the train

Definition Of Professionalism

I was riding the train to the city with my wife and dog to go to a Pomeranian meet up. I prepared to exit the fairly crowded and reached for the pole so I didn’t topple over. My jacket accidentally grazed some guy’s arm and I could feel his negative energy in response.

This guy turned his head slowly and then looked down at me really hard. I kept my face soft as I didn’t want to trigger this idiot’s aggression further, but I looked into his eyes as if to silently say, “I see you and I recognize your intentions. I’m not looking for trouble but you are within clinch range so tread lightly my friend.” LOL. As if he understood that I wasn’t looking for trouble but wasn’t cowering in fear, he then turned around and carried on exiting the train.

Why is it that everyone out here needs to be so aggressive and hostile about everything? It is a crowded train, you have to expect that some people will accidentally make contact. Not everyone is trying to test or punk you. God it must be horrible to carry yourself that way. I get it, I’m from the same life and I get it. But even so I don’t walk around displaying aggression to every person that comes into my radar.

Anyway, I was with my wife and dog and I didn’t want any trouble. NYC is crazy these days and the best approach is to avoid problems. But I was thinking, if this guy attacked me, I’d have no choice but to defend myself. Then that could have led to me getting injured, him getting injured, then either or both of us getting arrested and for what? Because my jacket grazed his jacket? What the hell is wrong with people like this?