Album Review: Blake Shelton – Based on a true story.


I had never heard of this man before, and I don’t really listen to country music. There is no particular reason for my not listening to it, it’s just not a genre I have been often exposed to.  With my spotify premium subscription I often click on the “recommended” or “new” albums that show up on the front page. I love listening to new music, as an artist it inspires me and gives me ideas and motivation. Not to mention that I simply love music.

So there was Blake Shelton on that front page. A tall, strapping fella, standing by what appears to be a door with a tree in the background. I thought to myself, well I do some pop type music too and then I clicked on “The boys round here”. Woh, what is this? It sounds like he’s rapping, he even said the word “Dougie”, but it’s country?  What kind of heresy is this?

The song basically talks about the things that they do in the country, and the things they like. I found it pretty awesome that he made it hip hop like while still keeping it country. He even made it pretty fun by having a cool little mix saying “red, red, red, redneck”. LOL.

The rest of the album is a blend of feel good up beat music and soft love songs. I like every song on the album and plan to look up more of his music. This is one of the big reasons I love spotify, it presents and introduces us to entire new genres of music. Pretty awesome!

Check out this fan cover version of “the boys round here”. This guy (Buddy Brown) does a pretty damn good cover with his guitar!

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