All the single ladies! (Meet a single dude)

Another article on how to meet singles in New York… JOY! Christmas came early this year! If you’re still reading this then it means one thing, you’re single and desperately seeking Susan, or Sarah, or Mike, or whoever and that’s where I come in, I’m here to give you the best advice you can afford…the free kind!

New York can be a fickle city and finding someone here can be close to impossible unless you know where to look, and no, I don’t mean Craigslist!

Have you tried signing up for a superlative? Yep, much like your old High school had ways of keeping you entertained after school New York offers some of the widest range of after-work activities or “extra-curricular” classes where you can meet the significant other of your dreams with the same interests as you.

Sign up for anything from a whiskey club, brew crew, softball league, or billiard club, there’s even a cheese club, yum! Not into group settings? Go for a run, you’ll not only shed those few extra pounds from crif dogs but there are plenty of other single men and women literally running around this city. Hit up a park, boxing gym, or even an indoor rock climbing gym for those looking for that extra excitement!

So you’re the pessimist reading this and you’re still not convinced, well don’t fret my pet there’s more out there. I know this is going to sound so obvious but are you aware of New York’s array of speed dating choices? YES, I SAID SPEED DATING! It’s fun, funny, makes for a great story, and everyone there is in your same boat…single and looking.

It is my experience that meeting or trying to meet others’ in nightclubs, and bars is not only boring and cliché but unsuccessful, so think outside the box and meet your lifetime partner or just winter wonder whilst having a great time at some of New York’s most interesting venues and if all else fails Ben & Jerry always make a great date.

The best advice I can give is to put yourself out there, be yourself, and never be afraid to make the first move, worst case scenario you end up right where you are now anyways. Happy hunting, y’all!

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