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America and outsourcing

I don’t think that most management staff in this country as a whole really think of the human element when it comes to making big picture outsourcing decisions. It seems to me that they also lack the understanding of what going with an outside vendor means as opposed to keeping internal loyal staff. The financial sector was notorious for that, read on.

Mind you, I do understand that first and foremost the decisionmakers are responsible to their stakeholders. That is to say the shareholders, the partners, owners and basically anyone who stands to lose or make a profit from their managerial decisions. I understand this, but it still doesn’t make me any more accepting of their outsourcing practices.

During my time in the financial sector, I saw time and time again our internal teams being outsourced to external vendors. I can tell you as a tech, that nearly every case (though at a reduced price point) came with a host of other problems. The problems included undedicated staff, lazy employees, incompetent employees and literally not an actual care given to the company. You are nothing but an account to them.

When you hire cheap from the outside, you are an after thought, just another company on a long list of clients they support. They cannot and will not be able to care for the well being of your company as good as an internal employee. They simply do not have the time cycles to do so. Besides, why would an outside contractor really give a crap about your company or its actual mission? As I said before, you are just an account to them.

I saw companies commit financial atrocities themselves, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and employee resources while getting bailouts from the very tax payers that they are screwing over with their grand outsourcing designs. Then to create the elaborate illusion of saving a few cents while still lining their own pockets they wreck some poor working schmuck’s life. I saw that happen so many times and it made me sick every time.

Personally, I was let go by a big company around that same premise years ago. However, they did good by me, presumably for all the blood, sweat and tears that I shed for them over nearly 2 decades of loyal service. So I just went away quietly. But I really hated that job and I was actually really happy to get laid off. I took my severance package and walked out of there with a big kool-aid smile on my face. Had they not taken care of me the way that they did, I may have gone the same route some of my former colleagues did with lawsuits and such.

To this day I am still very much opposed to the whole outsourcing trend in America. I mean think about it, they are taking the job that a loyal employee has performed faithfully for years, (nearly 2 decades in my case) and handing it over to some outside, faceless, nameless entity who is just trying to add another account to their roster. They then have the audacity to expect the same level of service from these outside contractors. It truly is baffling to the mind how some of the management types operated then and possibly even now. Again, I have been out of that sector for quite a few years so I can’t really say.

Mind you, I am not under the illusion that my current job is 100% safe. I know that at any point in time they could do the same thing (I have often joked with management saying, “I like this job, don’t outsource me”) or just get rid of me for whatever reason. NY is an “at will” work place after-all, I know this. But I figure that working for a smaller, civil rights company, that they are more considerate of their hard working employees than those giant mega corporations were to us.

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