American, do you hate your home?

I have a question for some of you people out there. I see you posting on twitter, facebook, google plus, and other types of sites explaining in great detail how horrible us Americans are. You talk about how we finance governments and militias to destroy and rape lands. You talk about how many people our military and our wars have killed. You go on and on and on and on putting us down, bashing us, saying how terrible we are.  You do this, and you experience no consequences, you know, because that’s a right you have. I know this, you know this, we all know this, we have freedom of speech in this land. But it’s a right that you have ONLY because you live in this great nation. You have this right only because men and women like myself and many of my own have fought and died so that this nation can continue to exist. How hypocritical is it of you to speak ill of and spit in the face of the country that actually grants you these rights?

Do you think that you have a birth right to say what’s on your mind? Do you think that you have absolute freedom because you are a human being? Let me clarify this for you: NO YOU DO NOT. THE ONLY REASON YOU HAVE THOSE FREEDOMS IS BECAUSE YOU LIVE HERE. In the place you so love to trash. What? You think I am wrong? Man or woman, I challenge you to book a flight to Tehran, go over there, speak ill of their leadership and talk about your rights. Please, I dare you. Then, if you still have air in your lungs and hands attached to your arms, write to me from prison and let me know how that went for you. Do you think the people of North Korea want to be oppressed by their leadership? Do you think the tears that they shed for Kim Jong Il when he died were sincere? Or do you think those people were crying because their lives and possibly the lives of their entire villages depended on that great show of theater? Do you really think you are “born with this freedom of speech?”  I challenge you to go to China even, a fairly modern dictatorship, and start spreading some propaganda about how bad the government is. Let me know how that goes for you friend.

Well? I wonder, has my point been made? You are a complete and utter fool if you think that this right is a birth right. A fool among fools. Let’s be clear about this, you can only speak the way you do because of where you live, and for NO OTHER REASON AT ALL! If you think that I am wrong, then do honor my request and visit any of the aforementioned locations. I will then say a prayer for you and send a fruit basket to your family. Ridiculous fools.

Yet I digress, my question for you is, if you hate this country so much, why do you make it your home? Canada will welcome you. Russia will welcome you. China will welcome you. Any of the islands will welcome you. As a U.S citizen you have a pretty good chance of getting into any country, you can use your rights as an American one last time, to find your way out of this terrible place that you hate so much.

Look, I’m not naive, I”m not a blind patriot, I know we are not a perfect people.  I am sure there are dirty things happening within our government that none of us are privy to. I am not a fool, but I am certain that every other government does the same or worst. Of course two wrongs don’t make a right, but at the end of the day, I’d rather be wrong here than any other place in the world.

So how would you answer my question, if you hate the U.S.A so much, why are you here?

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