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American Receives 15 Years Hard Labor In North Korea

How many freaking times do I have to say to people, stop messing around in these messed up countries. Time and time again, over and over I’ve said do not go to the Middle East and mess around. Do not go to Iran and mess around. Do not go into North Korea and mess around.

Yet, there is always someone out there who gives them the opportunity to lock them up. There is always a person who thinks that they are different from the many others who have attempted to get away with crap in these hostile, foreign countries.

I feel bad for Otto Warmbier, and his family, but clearly this guy acted foolishly. He is now claiming that he was manipulated and what not. Did he really think that the North Koreans were going to buy that crap? Those people in power don’t give a damn. They put their own family members in concentration camps for life! You think they care about some American fool? He attempted to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area in his hotel because his church wanted it as a trophy. However, he ended up becoming North Korea’s trophy as they hit him with 15 years hard labor within an hour in a North Korean Court.

I just don’t understand what kind of foolishness drives a man to go into a place like North Korea at all. Furthermore, what drives them to commit some form of crime in a place that has terrible diplomatic relations with the United States. You think they care about sanctions? Give me a break!

Once again, I warn all of you, don’t go into the places and act a fool! Otherwise you and your families will pay the price! I feel for this guy, but he kind of brought this on himself. What say you?

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