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An eye for an eye.

Today we observed a gentleman speaking with another.

They were both dark skin, spoke Spanish and had Dominican accents and speaking patterns.  The men spoke passionately about each other’s  viewpoints.

The topic of discussion was what should be done about George Zimmerman.

Hombre 1: Loco, que es la baina, ese tipo mato a el moreno. El es un racista y lo que deben hacer es matarlo a el tambien! Caminando negro, eso fue su crimen, verdad? Entonces tu y yo tambien somos criminales!

Man 1: What’s the deal bro, that guy killed the black kid. He’s a racist, and what they should do is kill him too! Walking while black right, that’s his crime? That makes us both criminals too!

Hombre 2: Loco lo tuyo siempre es con pleito. Tu estabas hay mama *****? Como sabes entonces loco? Matar a alguien sin saber nada de detalles?

Man 2: You always looking for trouble. Were  you there **** sucker? Then how do you know what happened? You wanna kill a person without knowing the details?

In any case, they went back and forth, arguing and stubbornly standing by their points. Neither side willing to bend or consider the other’s viewpoints.

This little debate brings to light the much bigger issue at hand, that we as a nation are divided on this issue. There are some that believe George Zimmerman provoked this situation and that he should pay for killing young Trayvon Martin.  Others believe that Zimmerman was acting to protect his neighborhood and family after a string of recent break ins that had happened in the area.  Some believe Trayvon was killed in cold blood, others believe Zimmerman was defending himself after being attacked by Trayvon. The viewpoints go on and on, with as many variations as one could consider possible.

None of us know all the facts, but it goes without saying, this thing has the potential to turn very ugly.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  Please share, there is no right or wrong here, only opinions.

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