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Another murdering rapist walks free!

I bet you guys are wondering why I cover rape and child molestation so often? There’s a valid reason for that – the reason is that it continues to happen! DUH! You see, if these things didn’t happen so often, then there would be no need for me to report them. However; they happen time and time again, especially by these repeat offenders, and these criminals just keep doing it repeatedly while no one does anything significant about it. I can’t take this crap; it drives me crazy, so I have to talk about it, I have to write about it, I want these animals to be punished.

Today I wanted to share some information with you that should really upset you. It’s a recurring theme in the world today. I want to talk about repeat offenders, people that should not be in the streets, yet they are out there committing murders, committing rapes, committing robberies, and all other sorts of crimes.

If I told you that a man spent time in jail for murder, but within the span of five short years, he was out in the streets among us, would you believe me? If I told you that this same man would be jailed again for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, then again, in a short period of time he walks among us, would you buy it? If I told you that this same man, yet once again was given the opportunity to bring harm to someone else’s life, would you think I was joking? Would you believe that this guy molested a four-year-old little girl? He received a life prison sentence for the crime, yet he walks free among us once again?

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