Another Obamacare Threat? Take Two Pills … And Do You Own a Gun?

One of the topics I’m sure we have all been hearing about lately is whether a physician may or may not ask certain questions of the public when taking on new patients. It turns out this is just like my prior article about them “TALKING” about taking away our guns. We hear those rumors that they are starting to talk about it, meanwhile there is no debate, there is no speculation and there is no talking, IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING, YO! Oh, and for the record, “they” or “them”, for the purposes of this article means Obama and his friends.

According to a recent video on Varney and Company, a producer for the show was in the process of switching doctors and one of the questions he was asked on an application form was whether or not he was concerned about unsecured weapons in his home. Say whaaatttt??? Typo?? Not at all, you read it right: “Are you concerned about unsecured weapons in your home.”

Answering this question raises several concerns for me, red flag, y’all, RED FLAG! First and foremost this information would let your doctor know whether or not you have a weapon in your home, and that information could then be shared with the government. In places like NYC, where I happen to live, this question and or the sharing of data with the government is not very relevant since all of our guns have to be registered. The NYPD knows exactly what any of us has at all times. In a place like Arizona where gun registration is not required, then, this question becomes quite relevant.

I have a huge question for physicians out there that I’d like to ask: WHAT FREAKING BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS WHETHER OR NOT I OWN A LEGAL GUN?

Remember 50 year old Navy Veteran David A Schmecker? He had police come to his home and force him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital because his doctor thought his voice message was weird! He had his guns and gun permits confiscated because his doctor wanted him to undergo a wellness check, over a freaking voice mail message.

Should a doctor have the power to infringe upon our second amendment rights without proper justification? Oh, and by the way, Schmecker was also held financially responsible for the forced two day hospital stay.

As evident above, asking this type of question creates an opening for the authorities to investigate a gun owner’s lifestyle, home and even force them to undergo psychiatric examinations. Depending on how you answer the question, or even how you sound on a voice-mail message, you could receive a random visit from your local precinct.

Do you think they will come after me because of the topics I write about on here? We have all heard “TALK” about random home investigations, and inspections of that nature, but it really goes beyond just talk. They are actually doing it. How long do you think before these anti-constitutional, gun grabbing buffoons implement this on a regular basis? The logic with these types of people is always along the lines of “if you have nothing to hide, you’ll answer the question and let us look.”

The final point I’d like to raise is that asking this question brings about concerns regarding insurance coverage and the sort. Thinking out loud on this one, we have to wonder why a doctor cares about whether or not you own a gun. Does answering “yes” mean that they will profile you in a certain way and make sure that they have special medical preparations on the ready for you in the event of a tragic accident? I find it hard to believe that this is the case.

Do note that, as of this point, doctors are not OBLIGATED to ask this question. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano (who was a guest on Fayver & Co) when Obamacare kicks in on January 2014 there will be a statute that will require that doctors ask the gun question. I know some of you are thinking “Congress would never pass such a law.” That was another point touched on by Judge Napolitano; he stated that when Congress accepted Obama’s health care plan that they accepted asking this question as part of the package. So this begs the question; does congress actually read these things?

In addition to this there were 23 executive orders passed by Obama after the Sandy Hook murders. I read through those executive orders and, though they are in plain English, I cannot say that I completely understand them all. They may say the words “does not prohibit blah blah blah”, but what is behind that? What are they REALLY saying? That is subject to interpretation.

Think about this, why would “they” ask you these questions if not for the reasons I have stated above? I’m sure that some of you can contribute some additional reasons why they’d want to ask these questions; go for it in the comments section!
The interesting thing, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano is that we DO NOT have to answer the question. That’s right, my legal gun owning homies, according to the law we DO NOT have to answer this! Yet don’t count on your doctor to be all too eager in letting you know that you have this option. You don’t have to answer it, but they won’t tell you that you don’t have to answer it in hopes that you will answer it because you feel obligated or intimidated. Are you still with me?

Are there any doctors out there that oppose this move? Will the patient/doctor relationship ever be private again?

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