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Anti-gun RINO, Bloomberg Ally Uses Legal Gun Illegally. Media Response? Crickets

Can you imagine the excitement in the Liberal newsrooms when they heard the story that a Republican Mayor in the Delaware County of Pennsylvania “allegedly” attempted to force a young man to have gay sex with him at gun point. The Mayor “allegedly” fired a warning shot into the floor to scare and intimidate the young man.

Now can you imagine the heartache and pain that they felt when they discovered that this man, James Schiliro, was also part of Mayor Bloomberg’s group, Mayors against Illegal Guns. “Okay, Johnny, scratch the story, he’s down with King Bloomberg.”

I have mentioned before that hypocrisy knows no lines, and this is a perfect example. Schiliro is against illegal guns, yet he himself “allegedly” used a gun which is presumably legal in a fashion that is illegal. What? How ironic is that? Republicans generally tend to be pro-gun while the left is, for the most part, anti-gun. In this alliance with Bloomberg who is an Independent (though we all know he is really a dictator) we have a Republican that betrayed his principles. The appropriate term for his ilk is “RINO”.

I support action against illegal guns, and I support bipartisan cooperation in that effort, 100%. Cities like NYC, Chicago and Detroit are plagued by illegal guns while having some of the toughest gun laws this country has seen. We absolutely need to address this illegal gun problem. Might I suggest mandatory jail sentences for anyone caught using an illegal gun in a crime? If you use an illegal gun to commit a crime and you are caught, you get 10 years jail time. That is 10 years on top of any jail time you will receive for the actual crime. Period, no questions asked. Boom, 10 mandatory. I bet that would curb some of the gun violence.

What about serving out real consequences for crimes period? We need to close that revolving door that is today’s prison system. Let’s start by taking action against the known criminal element such as gang bangers and the like! Those would be the first logical steps to take against illegal guns and crime in America. Not these ridiculous moves like “banning the AR-15” or “banning high capacity magazines”. Let me say that going after people that obey the law doesn’t resolve the problems we face in the streets. I grew up in the streets, South Bronx, during the 1980’s and I saw this all first hand.

My problem with politicians like King Bloomberg (I have many with him by the way, hang on, let me take a sip from this giant soda bottle) is that they go too far in the targeting of legal gun owners under the guise of making the streets safer. King Governor Cuomo also tried this tactic as well and thankfully we were able to put a stop to that for now. Any politician that cannot see through this agenda clearly is completely blind. Any Republican that doesn’t see this aspect of King Bloomberg’s ideas needs to turn in their GOP badge ASAP. Bloomberg is too far gone against guns to consider aligning yourself with him in any fashion a good thing.

Let’s stop the real gun violence, illegal gun violence, I’m for this 100%. But let’s also stop this media hypocrisy. I wonder why this story hasn’t made the front page of every news paper in the U.S? We all know why, though, don’t we? I guarantee you that if Bloomberg wasn’t part of the equation this would be the front page title on every newspaper nationwide: “Republican, Bible Thumper, Pro Gunner, homosexual self hating Mayor uses handgun and power to force a young man to have gay sex with him”.


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