Antigun State Senator Jamilah Nasheed caught at protest with gun

Nasheed claims that she showed up to the Ferguson protests with the intent of being arrested. She stated that sometimes civil disobedience is required. Imagine that, this wench shows up at the Ferguson protests, during an election period. How freaking convenient that is. Of course those fools don’t realize it.

However, that is not the meaty part of this situation. See, she showed up carrying a fully loaded 9 millimeter handgun, with extra ammunition. She claims that she has a conceal carry permit, one that she did not show to police officers, and she was also said to smell of alcohol. When asked to take a breathalyzer, she refused, she said no to officers on the scene, and at the jail where she was processed. Bare in mind that this woman is for gun control, however, you know, that doesn’t apply to her. Only her constituents need it. She can carry one, even at a potentially violent protest, and smelling of alcohol.

I wonder if the loaded handgun (at a racially charged protest) and strong alcohol smell was also part of her plan to get attention. Perhaps she thinks that being a badass would get her more votes? Had this been one of us regular, unprivileged folks, we’d be rotting in jail. However this woman gets a pass to go home. Another abuse of power by another race hustling criminal.

I would find it absolutely hilarious if her ass ended up getting sent to jail for her actions. That would be splendid. She doesn’t deserve to be in a position of power, unfortunately, idiots elect idiots. What can I say?

Let’s see how it all plays out. She thinks she’s all cute, smiling. Let’s see if they catch her on something, see who’s smiling then.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Senator caught in protests w loaded gun, and allegedly smelling of liquor #tcot #waarmedia #thr Refused breathalyzer


Jamilah Nasheed thinks she’s cute. “Civil disobedience.” Packing a 9, and smelling of liquor. #tcot #thr #waarmedia


RT @arodomus: Jamilah Nasheed thinks she’s cute. “Civil disobedience.” Packing a 9, and smelling of liquor. #tcot #t…