Apparently I’m a coon.

Apparently I’m a coon because I do not believe that any one group of people is inherently bad! When I see someone make a statement along those lines, I tend to speak up. However, depending who you are speaking up for, the reactions you may get can differ dramatically.

Recently, I saw someone complaining about white people sharing their success online. This person got angry because she doesn’t want to see their privilege “flaunted” on social media. This seemed odd to me, and I decided to chime in. Little did I know the onslaught that I’d encounter in response.

This person was of no consequence and held no importance to my life, so I removed her hating ass from it. I attempted to have a conversation, but when the personal attacks came, I decided that she was not worth my time and I blocked her.

I do not, have not, and will not support hate towards any whole group of people. Are there bad white people out there? Of course, same as any other race or group of people. Are all white people bad? Come on now, we should all know better than that!

So she insulted my person, and lumped me in with anyone else who’s ever called her out on anything. Mind you, this was the first time I approached her, and before this, I have zero recollection of any conversation. So yeah, buhlocked!

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