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For some time now, our stove oven has not worked. Every time I tried to use it, it would shut down once the temperature hit a certain setting. Usually after about 5 minutes of warming up, it would turn off. The stovetop still worked so we just worked around it for sometime. We have an air fryer and a small convection oven. We didn’t use the big oven all that often so we lived with it.

A few days ago, the lady tried to use it again as a test, and then the whole stove shut off. Done, no power whatsoever. At that point, we no longer had the option of simply working around it. I don’t really need it, but the lady uses the stove nearly everyday for a variety of reasons. So we had to call someone to look at it.

That’s when Appliance Pros Group Repair and maintenance team comes into play. I googled stove repair and they came out right on the top. This was during a holiday, so I didn’t expect anyone to answer, but they did. Not only did they answer, but they set me up with an appointment for 5pm that same Monday. Better yet, it turns out that the tech was available a bit earlier and checked to see if we were good for an earlier appointment. We were.

Ilya came over, immediately removed his shoes (before I even asked him) and he began to ask us about the issues. I was in the middle of recording a podcast so my wife did most of the talking. However, he was able to diagnose and fix the issue within 20 minutes. Turns out that the problem was the power outlet behind the stove. The plug was not making proper contact, therefore the stove was not getting adequate power, and as a safety measure, it would shut itself down. He switched the power plug to a different outlet and voila the issue was resolved. We are cooking in the big oven and stove again! I even used it to meal prep this week! Woot woot!

I went out of my way to make sure that this gentleman got a good tip for his great work. We gave him a cash tip, then felt he deserved more so I got his number and “quickpaid” him a little more. You have to reward great work like that.

I’m a fan of this company and Ilya, they took care of our issue and did so fairly quickly. Thankfully we didn’t need any parts, etc. Based off of this experience, I feel comfortable recommending Appliance Pros Group for your home appliance needs. Click the link for more information.

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