Aquarium of the bay – Quickie Review


As my wife and I walked along Fisherman’s Wharf after our Alcatraz trip, we saw an advertisement for Otters at the Aquarium of the bay. We both thought it would be awesome to see some Otters and decided to check out the schedule for the Aquarium. Since it was a weekend, we saw that we had enough time to eat dinner first, so we went to the Crab House and then came here after.

As far as Aquariums go, this place is quite small and uneventful. The coolest section had to be the jellyfish area, those creatures are fascinating to look at.


The staff had told us that they just added a new “active” Octopus, but I guess the creature used up all it’s energy by the time we arrived. We didn’t see any activity from the Octopus, both of them were hiding. Meh. Well we came here for the Otters anyway, so let’s go check them out.

otters sleep

Arggggghhhhh!!! What is going on with these animals man? So yeah, these are the Otters. Much like the Octopus before, these guys were also very inactive. I think during the entire time we were there, they stuck their heads out once, when someone opened the back door. Possibly because this is where their food comes from. Apparently Otters sleep for up to 23 hours a day. Oh, great. Why wasn’t that listed next to the awesome picture advertisement outside? LOL.

They have some sharks, and some fish, and that’s all good, but this is a relatively small place. If you are looking for the aquarium experience, you might want to go elsewhere. Allow me to leave you with some frog rap on this one.

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Aquarium of the bay – Quickie Review