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One of the things that my family has been doing for the past few years is drinking filtered water. This practice is influenced by my wife, and the fact that we live in a pretty old building with some really shitty pipes. I’ve been drinking NYC tap water my whole life, and I made it this far. But since she is all for it, and it’s there, I’ve been using the¬†Aquasana Water Filter.

Her most recent filtering acquisition was this aquasana filter. I’ve never been entirely convinced that these filters really do anything for us, but if you take a look at this image, you’ll see that it appears to have changed color.

That’s a decent indicator that it is catching some stuff and keeping it from entering our bodies. It has two containers, one that stays attached, and another one that can be put in the fridge, etc. I still have my old brita one that I use on a regular basis, but this one is also there.

The one complaint that I have about this filter is that it is loud as heck. Think of a loud motor grinding every time you go to get water, and you’ll understand. I’m talking really loud, like annoyingly loud. It’s one of the reasons I still have my brita, because I’d be afraid to run that thing at night. I think I’d wake the lady up as well as my kid and the neighbors. I’m telling y’all, its loud.

Other than that one complaint, I think it’s a pretty good filter. It does the job, and it’s relatively quick at pushing the water through. In this world where we are being bombarded by so much pollution and so many toxins, whenever and wherever you can minimize it, you should. Our bodies are made up largely of water, so why not ensure that we are putting in the good stuff? The lady researched this fairly thoroughly, and she picked Aquasana, so I trust it. Besides the noise, I think this is a good buy.

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