Are you earning more on unemployment?

I have seen quite a few people state that they would rather not be out there working because they are actually making more money collecting unemployment. In addition to that, they are also safer while collecting unemployment.

So let’s take a moment and put aside the sanctimonious holier than thou attitudes and be all the way real here. I don’t know about you people, but if I could get paid more to stay home for awhile, stay safer myself, while simultaneously protecting my loved ones, heck yeah I’d totally do it too. Why the hell would I not?

I’ve been paying taxes for decades, much of which have gone to benefit the prison-industrial complex, unnecessary wars, corrupt politicians and their real estate buddies, corporations and anybody and everybody except the people and my community.

I don’t know exactly where that unemployment money comes from, but I’d bet that if it wasn’t going to these people, it certainly wouldn’t be redirected to help our communities. The lord knows that these scumbag politicians won’t be using any of that money to help our people, our community, or anyone but themselves.

So you know what? Yeah, I’d do it. I’d stay home and collect unemployment for as long as I could. Then, once deemed necessary, I’d return to work as I have been doing for all these decades. I’m not lazy, I don’t need or depend on the government, but I’m not a fool either.

Hey, let me go out there and bust my butt, risk my health, endanger my loved ones, and earn less money all in the name of pride. Yeah, I’m such an amazing person. Woohoo for me.

Yeah, I don’t think so. One of my friends told me that he actually wished he was fired from his job because he was making more money collecting unemployment while furloughed.

To me, that doesn’t speak ill of him, it speaks ill of his employer. I know this guy and he has tremendous work ethic. He’s never late, never out, and is extremely professional at what he does. So for him to say this, it’s extremely noteworthy and people should listen. There is a real problem there.

I’ve been fortunate to still have my day job, but all of my gym work and much of my side hustle has come to a complete and grinding halt. I can’t collect unemployment, but if I could, I would.

I understand how some of you will judge them as lazy people who are “getting over.” In fact, I think that some of them are actually lazy people who are getting over on the system. Though for the most part, when it comes to guys who have the mentality of my aforementioned friend, I do understand.

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