Are you ready for winter?

Today the weather is relatively nice, but yesterday it was quite chilly. Whether we like it or not, winter is coming! It’s only a matter of time before you gotta break out the boots, the big coats, and put all those hours of squatting into practical work by jumping over snow puddles!

I’m not crazy about the heat, but I think I prefer it to the blistering cold. I mean, ideally if we could have Spring all year round, that would be great. However, we barely have any spring any more these days. The same applies to fall. We simply go from hot to not so hot for a very little bit of time, to brick cold, and then the opposite happens.

It’s already starting to get dark earlier, and soon it will be time to adjust the clocks again. Winter in NYC. I got my new pair of Rockport water proof boots ready to go, and though I don’t like or look forward to the snow, I am ready.

Hell, I might take a day off and go snowboarding! Which reminds me, I wanted to take a day off and go to Spa Castle while the kids were back to school. I guess I’ll see what the weather is like next week! If you go on the weekend or summer, it gets too crowded with annoying kids. So I try to time it for when they are not able to go!

So are you ready for the winter?

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