Arnold Schwarzenegger To Take Over Celebrity Apprentice On NBC

I’ve always been a fan of Arnold. Dude was not only Mr. Olympia, but went on to become one of the top film stars of the 80s. He will forever be known as an iconic entertainment legend.

As if that was not enough, he went on to become the Governor of California, securing his position in the COUNTRY’S history books as a politician!

Now he is moving on to television host, replacing Donald Trump on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

imagesI’ve already started to see the negative comments about Arnold. They have begun to criticize him for not being a proper businessman. Some have said “How will we understand him?” Seriously? You’ll understand him the same way you understood him as the GOVERNOR of a major state in the U.S. The same way you understood him in all of his films. The same way you understood him as Mr. Olympia. And finally, the same way you understood him in his real estate ventures. Oh, you probably didn’t even know about that, did you?

Say what you want about Arnold, the guy absolutely knows the meaning of hard work and business. Look at his background, his entire story, and how amazingly far he has come. He’s not a businessman? Give me a break! Research his story a little deeper, and you’ll change that tune.

Arnold may not be perfect, (who is though?) but as far as success stories go, Arnold is the man.

We wish Arnold a great run on NBC!

By the way, if you haven’t seen the new Terminator film, Genisys, you should, it’s dope!

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