Atheists, you are getting annoying.

Here’s why I say that, and mind you that though I was raised Christian, I am far from a religious zealot, or even a good practicing Christian. I gave up on religion when religious leaders couldn’t answer the questions I had as to why our God would allow little boys and girls to be murdered and raped by anyone.

Yet my lack of religious conviction does not keep me from perceiving what is going on. Here is what I see, I see people with a religion, they deny religion but they themselves are practicing a religions that is based on a lack of religion. Their religion is attacking people that choose to believe in long standing religions. Does that make sense to you? Their religion is a lack of religion, and they push it on us fervently.

Look, I don’t care if you believe in God, or you don’t. That’s on you, so long as you leave me alone to do whatever I want, and to believe whatever I want, I don’t care who or what your worship. I know real Atheists, and real Atheists don’t care about what religious people do. They simply don’t partake, as is there right. They don’t seek to eliminate religion, they simply just don’t care of participate.

There is this book I read years ago called “Looking out for Number one” by Rob J. Ringer. It was a great book that spoke about the different types of people we are and that we will encounter in life. One of the types he mentioned were labeled the “crusaders”. This is a group of people that has to protest everything, they always needs to belong to a part of something that is protesting or fighting against something. Doesn’t matter what, but something out there has to be offensive and they’ll find it and protest it. These people are insufferable.

That’s how I view some of these protest groups. Here’s a thought, MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. If you don’t like what I do, then don’t participate in it. You don’t care for religion? Cool, don’t participate. But don’t try and stop others from participating in their own religious beliefs.

I’ll tell you Atheist this, the same as I’ll tell a Christian, Muslim, Bahai, and any other religious group. Practice your religion, just leave us alone and don’t push your ways on us.

I read this story on Breitbart and it annoyed the hell out of me. Some group called the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” came into Steubenville, Ohio, a town that hosts the Franciscan University. These people came here to remove a part of the new city logo because it has a chapel and cross to honor the school. They said the logo was offensive because it favored religion in the city, because it has a cathedral and a cross on the logo. A logo which is in part a tribute to the school that operates in the town. I’d bet this school brings more revenue and value to the town than any of the atheists that complained about it.

Now, how petty and annoying is a person, that they would scrutinize a damn logo, then call their Atheist lawyer friends to complain and fight against it. Real Atheists don’t care, these are not real Atheist, these are “crusaders”, the group I mentioned before, and they annoy me to no end.

The city decided that it was more cost effective to remove the cathedral and cross from the logo than to go to court and fight for what’s right. This piece may sound like I’m siding with religion over the Atheists, but I’m not. Again, I’m just debating the fact that people should mind their own damn business.

As long as these people are not causing you harm or trouble, who cares if they put the school on the logo?  What are you Atheists doing for that town? What do you contribute? These folks contribute more to that community than you, and as such in my opinion, they have more say about how the logo looks!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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