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Justice League War

I have to be honest with you guys; I’m a Marvel guy. I am by no stretch of the imagination a comic expert, but I…

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The Tapout shirt

As I walked through the locker room at Equinox, some guy comes over to me and says, “I could never understand why people that don’t…

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Racism has no color

I recently wrote an article about a group called the five percenters. It was a brief article touching on the group and their racist views…

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Bundy Ranch supporters vs BLM. Civil war?

The past two weeks, I have been on what many of us would call “vacation mode.” Not to mention that I just migrated from an…

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The #mynypd hashtag backfire

As I’m riding the train this morning, I hear the too familiar, “Ladies and gentleman, backpacks and other large containers are subject to random inspection…

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Tabelog Event at Skal.

Get your priorities straight! First things first! The picture you see above, is a photo that I stole from my new friend “Restaurant Fairy.” I…

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She drove a Mustang GT

I’ve never been a car guy. I can appreciate a nice ride, but they have never been my passion. Contrary to the title of this…

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