A city mourns the loss of Avonte Oquendo.

I can’t help but think that many in New York City felt a wave of sadness when the news officially announced that the remains of Avonte Oquendo were found Queens. The autistic boy disappeared about 3 months ago, prompting a citywide search for him. For weeks at a time there was no train station, no store, no news station, no police officer that wasn’t searching for this young man.

Though I wasn’t physically involved in any search efforts, I covered and shared out young Avonte’s information in hopes that it would help, if only a little. I spoke often with my son about Avonte, and we both hoped that there was a chance they’d find him. Hope. I felt that there was only a slim chance, but I never gave up hope. Death. My son messaged me yesterday to share the news that Avonte’s remains were discovered in Long Island city.

None of us personally knew him, but many of us knew of him. We all hoped for him. His family put forth so much effort searching, you can’t help but hope and pray that it all pays off. Again, hope. I can’t help but feel terribly sad wondering about his last moments of life. I hope he’s in a better place. I hope he wasn’t scared. I hope he didn’t suffer. I hope that his family finds some type of closure, some form of peace in knowing that he is not out there lost anymore.

Rest in peace, young Avonte. Know that the city mourned for you, know that those close to you will always remember you.

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6 years ago

A city mourns the loss of Avonte Oquendo. http://t.co/qxjJtAqtMc

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6 years ago

RT @NYCTalking: A city mourns the loss of Avonte Oquendo. http://t.co/macF4Kztbt #avonte #death #missing #autism #mourn #sad #rip