Bad personal trainers

Look, I know that not everybody is going to be a training psychopath like I am. Some people are gentle, some are less intense, and that doesn’t make them a bad personal trainer. In fact, one could argue that being too intense or crazy also makes you a bad personal trainer.

The truth is that you have to know your client and what works best for them. If you don’t know them well, you have to get to know them well. Then based off of your findings, you adjust your workouts accordingly.

I believe that some trainers are committed to the cause, but others, not so much. A few days ago while on a guest pass at an unnamed gym I was watching a personal trainer with a client. The client did a set of what I’d call practically nothing. As she “worked” (and I use that term very loosely) the trainer looked at his phone and casually spoke to a passerby. Once she was done doing nothing, this woman literally sat down on a window sill, she got very comfortable, and during the “break” she had enough time to actually appear extremely relaxed in between sets.

What the fuck is this? As I saw this I was close to losing my mind! It is a disgrace to the fitness company, it is a disgrace to the entire profession, and it sets a horrid example of what personal training is supposed to be like for anyone else who was watching.

Some people are good at this, but some are truly terrible at this job. It makes me sick that these ill informed individuals entrust these lazy trainers to help them change their lives for the better. It is sickening to see such atrocious behavior. I’d go so far as to say that this is theft and fraud. These people will never make any progress working with these fools.

Still, if the client sticks with them, and the organization they work for is too lazy and doesn’t care enough to monitor this horrid behavior, then I’ll just continue to do my own thing and simply mind my own business.

Here is my promise to you, as long as I am an instructor, with me, you will always, and I mean always, WORK IT! If the day comes that I don’t love this, if the day comes that I can’t honor this promise, if the day comes where I don’t want to work hard, that is the day I stop teaching.

I’m not just talking to talk. I actually dropped three classes already because the energy wasn’t right. I wasn’t enjoying it, I was dreading going to this location on this day, and I knew that though I was getting paid, this just wasn’t worth it. So I quit this group and gave up the classes. When it comes to this topic, I simply don’t play around.

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