Bahamas One of my favorite vacation destinations

Years ago, I went to the Bahamas. I’ve traveled quite a good deal, from America, to Asia, and as far as Australia. However, for some reason, this one trip to the Bahamas seemed to stick out as the most special to me. Maybe I am biased because of the specific circumstances, the time? I honestly don’t know. Since then I have returned to the Bahamas several times, and it was never the same. What has been your favorite vacation destination?

 bahamas atlantis


During this trip, I walked across the bridge from Nassau to Paradise Island. On this first vacation, I did not stay at the Atlantis, though on subsequent trips I have. It is a huge hotel, and we enjoyed our time there. I’ll definitely return one day.

bahamas island beach


The beaches at the Bahamas are amazing. Beautiful, soft, white sand. Very much unlike the rough, hard beaches here in NYC. Honestly, I haven’t been to a NYC beach in over a decade. I don’t miss it at all by the way.

bahamas dolphin

I enjoyed the dolphin excursion. From what I could see, the animals were kept in a spacious setting, and treated well. Apparently these were rescued from the wild. I’ve watched Blackfish, and since then I have mixed feelings about this type of thing. However, spending time with these majestic creatures was amazing. I do hope that they are truly being taken care of.



The Bahama island are a beautiful vacation destination, and I recommend a visit!





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