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The organic open mic at Bareburger!

This place is great. I really enjoyed coming here.  I am an active participant of a performing show called “The Inspired Word”.  Mike Geffner has been steadily growing the series and expanding the venues where it is held. Bareburger is one of the newest locations where the show is currently being held.  Joining the ranks of “One and One“, “The Nuyorican”, “116” and many other venues. I won’t lie to you, initially I thought that it was really weird to hold the show at a burger restaurant. I was thinking to myself “What? A burger place? WTF man, where we gonna sit on a bun?”

However all that changed tuesday night. In fact, this place may have quickly become my favorite place. The view is amazing, the seating is very comfortably laid out, the lighting is great, and man oh man do they make a good burger!  I can’t wait until next tuesday to go back and have another one!

For a large event, the wait staff was very friendly and efficient.  My food came relatively quickly and the young lady taking my order was very attentive and nice.  The burger itself was as good as any really good burger I have ever had, the edge being that it is organic and the sides are also organic and “clean” from a health perspective.  Mike Geffner, a self proclaimed burger freak also agrees that their burger is absolutely amazing.

I mean what more can one say? I usually get really into my reviews and write all these explicit details and stuff, but honestly after a long day I’m really tired, and the point of this review, however brief is that it’s a great place for the Inspired word event and the burger is really freaking good. What more can I tell you? Go eat one of their burgers and you will see what I’m talking about.  It’s a juicy burger, a little messy, but better than dry and gross. LOL. Oh yeah, I can’t wait until tuesday, I want another one! I may end up going sooner if I keep thinking about it!

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Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Mike Geffner. Marvin Mendlinger. Keon Torres. Dean El Negro. Heather Schultz. Daniel Somarriba.

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Selena Coppock. Lauren Ashley Stephenson. Qurrat Ann Kadwani. Duane Ferguson. Danny Matos.

Danny Matos
7 years ago

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Mike Geffner
7 years ago

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Heather Schultz
7 years ago

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Dean El Negro
7 years ago

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7 years ago

A nice nod to Bareburger East Village and the Organic Open Mic nights! w/ Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word


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