Basurero Colombian Restaurant

After singing for a few hours with the squad, we were all hungry and decided to hit this place called Basurero. From the outside, it looks like a small bar, but once you go through the doors, the inside is open, spacious and frankly huge. The space kind of feels like it could be in the middle of Colombia and it would look and feel the same. Except for the weather, I felt like I was on vacation in D.R. It’s that kind of a vibe.

We had a fairly large group and they accommodated us fairly quickly. It seems as though they are accustomed to dealing with large parties because they handled taking and delivering our orders fairly smoothly. The food was pretty delicious and we got to try a wide variety of items from each others plates.

I believe there was a bit of a complication with the bill that was sorted out, but I sensed that it left a bad taste in some of my friend’s mouths. I’m not sure of all the details, but it appears as though they were trying to take advantage of one of our more inebriated companions in regards to the bill.

My main dish was this bistec al caballo. Steak with eggs and it comes with two sides. This was delicious and a huge serving. I took some home as leftovers. I also had some calamari, virgin pina colada, and a sampling of sides from my friends. The food is top notch.

All that bill drama aside, I think this was a good restaurant and enjoyed the meal there. I can see myself returning in the future, after all, I don’t drink. LOL.

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