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Beautiful orchestral flash mob moves me to tears!

As tough as I may portray myself to be, it is no secret that deep down inside I am just a big ol’ softy. I remember the first time I went to a musical concert, it was an oldies revival show. I went with my since then disappeared friend Nancy Wong. I remember seeing all of the old folks dressed up to the 9’s, wearing leather jackets, heels, tons of make up, and lots of big hair! It was total and complete awesomeness! At 22 years old I was able to see The Angels perform their hit single “Til” and many of my other favorite 50’s and early 60’s songs performed by most of the original artists. Why am I sharing this? Well because there, in front of all those people, and in front of a cute girl I was trying to court, I burst out into tears! I was overcome with the emotion of seeing these people perform songs that I thought I’d never get to see in person during lifetime. I didn’t apologize, I couldn’t hide it, I was just mind blown.

Let’s go ahead and fast forward over a decade and a half! Nancy, my dear friend, moved to San Francisco and did not keep in touch, she is but a pleasant memory of my early 20’s now. Yet I am still the same softy I was that night, I don’t know exactly why, but watching this orchestra styled flash mob moved me to uncontrollable tears! I simply couldn’t stop tearing the entire time I watched this video! Music is such a thing of beauty to me, it simply moves me and takes over my emotions. As a musical performer, I have burst out into tears while performing on stage on more than one occasion. It’s just part of who I am. Watch this video and tell me if this doesn’t move your emotions!


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Karen Stephens
6 years ago

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