Behind Enemy Lines: Self Defense in NYC

For most of my life, I have been unarmed. I do live in NYC after all, a place where the victim mentality runs strong. Gun rights have no place here, so I’ve always relied on my hands and my mind to survive. However, as I walked towards the subway this morning, it hit me. When I have access to my gun, I no longer have to rely on my verbal skills or hands to survive. Allow me to explain that statement for those of you that may be misinterpreting my message.

If someone tries to harm me or my family in the street, I have to fight them with my bare hands. Knowing that criminals have guns, knives, numbers, and nothing to lose. So in the street, I have no choice but to avoid conflict at nearly all costs. We are encouraged to give thieves whatever they want. The mentality is “Better to be a living sheep than to be a dead lion.”

When I have access to my gun, I don’t have to cooperate with criminals, I don’t have to beg for my life. I don’t have to plead that they don’t kill us. I don’t have to try to talk the threat down. I don’t have to risk my arms being slashed, nor do I have to risk my life or that of my family. I can just neutralize the threat by producing my weapon. Keep in mind though, that I still live in NYC. Writing this post, claiming that I have the right to defend my family, and our lives, all this can and would probably be used against me in a court of law if I ever defended our lives.

A fancy lawyer for the criminal’s devastated mother, his wife, and all his devoted church friends would say, “Criminal X was not a bad man. He was just hungry. He only wanted to feel loved. That’s why he robbed and raped, it’s not his fault. This evil shooter, this man premeditated defending his home. He got the gun in order to protect his family! When my son, Criminal X, broke into this house planning to rape and kill Angel’s family, he was just looking for love! Angel, that evil man was ready to stop him from looking for love! He knew that a rape and murder attempt could happen in this city, so he prepared to defend his family. This shooting was planned.”

Does that sound crazy to you? It should because that’s a bull crap argument. However, that is exactly what would happen. They would say that the attempted murder and rape of my family were due to some mental issue that Criminal X is experiencing. They would say that this guy just needed some hugs, more hugs and fewer guns. The anti-gun, pro-criminal left would have a field day trying to criminalize a pro-gun guy who writes about these topics.

I’m not a violent guy. I don’t remember the last time that I had a fight or verbal confrontation. Like I said in the beginning, I’ve always relied on my street smarts to avoid trouble. However, what if you are trapped at home, or you catch someone trying to harm your family? I’d say that at that point, we are well past words. Even the most liberal, anti-gun, victim hating, pro-criminal of juries would have to agree with that?

Of course, the gun has a purpose! We all know that guns serve one main purpose, one that I hope never comes to fruition for me or my family. I believe that the judge, the jury, and every citizen would defend their family if murder and rape were on the agenda. Am I wrong in thinking that? If you are at home with your beautiful wife, your six month-old baby asleep in the other room, and a deranged man, or group kicks in your door, will you try to talk them down? Would you try and reason with them? Or would you make sure that your wife and baby live to see another day? Even if it means having to risk a day in court in this jurisdiction? I think that we can all agree here. Many of you would probably be wise and not on the Internet that you would defend your family, but we all know that you would.

Living in NYC, the concept of having to defend my family terrifies me. I have to take all the steps to prevent a home invasion, be willing to defend us, but at the same time live with the fear that if I ever have to save our lives, this government would use any excuse or loophole, including this article and any number of other statements which I have made against me.

That’s not even covering the dangers and risks we encounter everyday walking the streets of NYC. I’m just talking inside your own home. The place where you should feel safest, and we don’t even have a castle doctrine in this state. We are supposed to retreat and hide. But what if you’re hiding means that they can get to your baby? What would happen then? It is an extremely sad state of affairs when we have to fear saving our family’s lives because of the laws made by the very people that are supposed to be making laws to help us live safer and happier lives.

I am not a violent person. I don’t wish to harm anyone, ever. However, if it comes to making a choice between risking dealing with the NYC court system, or letting a family member be raped or killed, take a wild guess on where I stand. If the day ever comes, I hope that you read this whole post, not just edit out snippets in an attempt to incriminate me. I also hope that you understand that violence by good people is never premeditated. There is a difference between being prepared for a fire, or owning matches, and being an arsonist.

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Author Ivan Sanchez

Truth! Which is one reason I’m very happy to live in an open carry state… Everyone in my household over 18 owns a firearm, knows how to use it and understands it’s a last resort only to defend our lives! No one ever wants to be in that position of life or death… But if you are the state should allow you the right to defend yourself… NY is ass backwards on their Sullivan Act and has been for over 100 years! However keep in mind people like Robert DeNiro, Trump and other elitists are given concealed weapons permits to… Read more »

Gerard J. Perry
Author Ivan Sanchez

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Behind Enemy Lines: Self Defense in NYC


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