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Beijing Dumpling

Businesses come and businesses go. Beijing Dumpling is one of the newer businesses to pop up in the Kew Gardens, Forest Hills area. This is not the kind of place where I typically eat, not because I have anything against dumplings, but because my diet is fairly consistent and dumplings are not a regular part of my eating patterns.

However, I had a friend who wanted to try this place so I decided to give it a go. We went a bit earlier to avoid the lunchtime crowds, and the ordering process was fairly simple. The menu is not extremely overwhelming like some restaurants. After we ordered, we sat down and the food eventually came to us.

We tried a variety of their dumplings, and I also got a seaweed salad and a smoothie. The meal was a pretty good lunch. I mean, I don’t know what I can say about dumplings, other than they are dumplings. But I enjoyed them, I didn’t get a headache, and I didn’t feel bloated or anything. My friend did say that they were a bit greasy, but I didn’t perceive that. Then again, I am far from a dumpling connoisseur.

In my opinion, this place is definitely worth a try and I will return here again.

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