Being a new instructor

A few days ago I had a new person show up and introduce themselves to me. One of the gyms I work for hired her and she wanted to take my class to see how I ran it. I graciously accepted her request and thanked her for coming. I hoped that training with the group, and meeting a few instructors was helpful, cause being a new instructor is not easy!

This woman was brolic y’all, I was like shit, she’s freaking jacked! She had a lean and defined physique, and though I know this says nothing of her as an instructor, it certainly says that she has put work into herself. That automatically gets you some brownie points with me, as I’ve often said before, instructors should be living fitness if they are going to try and sell fitness.

On another note, I said to myself, I’m gonna have to sacrifice the souls of these poor members in order to leave a mark on this obviously fit woman. LOL. And so it was that they were sacrificed so that I may impress upon the new instructor that I was a beast. She hung in there with me, and so did they! I was quite proud that most everyone was able to hack my slightly intensified session. I really hope she knows her stuff and that she is a lot of fun for them, cause conditioning wise, she was on point.

At the end of class, I took a moment and I introduced her to the group as a new fellow instructor. I told them to be nice and to make her feel welcomed. Members can be a bit rough to new people, I know they are to me when I show up for the first time. As fellow instructors, we have the opportunity to make the introductions smoother, so help whenever possible.
I wish her well, and welcome to the Crunch team!