What Ben Carson Really Meant About Slave Immigrants.

People have collectively lost their shit over Ben Carson’s recent statements about immigrants and dreams. During one of his recent speeches, he stated that some immigrants came here in the bottom of slave ships, with hopes and dreams for their future. Everyone is wondering how Ben Carson, a black man, could say that slaves, which did not choose to come here, but were instead forced and enslaved, had dreams and aspirations as they came over on the bottom of a ship? But everyone has got it all wrong, I’m going to tell you what Ben Carson really meant about slave immigrants.

You see, while having a discussion with one of my Conservative friends, he cleared it all up for me. Here is what he said:

Angel, do you think that the white people could simply capture all of the black people, and that they would willingly get on a boat? There had to be some inside work done there to facilitate this, right? Those are the guys that Ben Carson was talking about. He’s not talking about the slaves, he’s talking about the black people who betrayed their kind and sold them into slavery.

Ohhh, well, now everything makes so much more sense, doesn’t it? It should be obvious that this guy was trying to be sarcastic, or at least I hope he was trying to be sarcastic. But even before that conversation I was trying to give Dr. Carson the benefit of the doubt. I listened to his speech myself, several times rather than simply taking everyone’s word for it. I know that the left and right generally take things out of context, so I wondered if this was the case.

So I listened to it, then I listened again, and I tried to figure it out. Did he maybe mean someone other than the slaves in his speech? Was there another group of people who rode with the slaves, at the bottom of a ship, through that journey? Could he have been maybe referring to the white slave owners? I was trying to maybe make sense of it, but the more I thought about it, the more the obvious truth became clearer:

Ben Carson is a fucking idiot.

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