‘Benghazi Gate’ — It’s Okay Because ‘Bush Did It Too’?

Benghazi Gate. I’m sure you have heard of this by now, even the most liberal media channels have touched on this story. Like most of us do, from time to time I post “memes” and other “informative” images to my social media channels. One of my recent postings drew the ire of Obama supporters on my channels. The meme I posted was an image of former President George Bush and one of President Obama side by side next to images from Benghazi. The caption read “If this were allowed to happen under his watch, there would already be impeachment proceedings…” Meaning had Benghazi happened while Bush was in power, how do you think things would be going for him? My social media channels went nuts on this one.

Here is one of the many responses that I received from die hard Obama fans: “9/11, one of, if not the single largest terrorist attack on American soil happened under Bush’s watch, ANGEL! What was he doing when it happened, ANGEL? He was reading a book to little kids, ANGEL! Don’t play the stupid taking sides game, ANGEL.”

Another person called me an idiot, among other things and stated: “There were over 90 attacks on embassies when Bush was in power. Your ignorance is sickening, what the heck are you talking about! Nobody impeached him then! If embassy attacks deem a president weak, the Bush was the weakest bro.”

I have to be completely honest here, when Bush was in power, I didn’t care for him. But the truth of the matter is that I didn’t follow or care for politics and world issues back then either. I didn’t agree with America going into Iraq, and because of that I didn’t like George W Bush. However my knowledge of what was happening during that era is quite limited as I wasn’t as actively involved as I am today. Without extensive research I thought it was in my best interest to bow out of those conversations about Bush’s policies, for now. That being said, even though I didn’t follow politics, I could feel Bush was a proud American. During the Bush era I felt his love for this country, an area that the current administration clearly appears to be lacking in.

I will say this, 9/11 left this nation with a deep wound. To this day, over a decade later the nation is still licking the wounds left by 9/11. We have moved forward, but the scars will always remain. We will always remember. There is no question that this was a major tragedy for America and mankind overall. I’m not going to enter a 9/11 debate with these people about whether or not it could have been prevented, or if our government could have done more to prevent it, etc. There are many conspiracy theories, and frankly I don’t have the security clearance to know what is true and what is scuttlebutt.

That being said, entertain me for a moment if you will. Let us for the next points sake assume that mistakes were in fact made during 9/11. Let us assume for a moment that somehow we could have done something more and we didn’t. For the point being made here we have established this.

Let me present another scenario for this point. Crimes happen in this world every single day, it happens to good people and bad people. Some criminals get caught and some criminals manage to get away with their actions. Let’s say a person goes out and commits a crime. Let’s say this person is unlucky and is subsequently caught for this crime. What happens is that they will have to face the legal consequences for the crimes they committed against society. I find it very hard to believe that the criminal can say “Hey, there are other killers out there that you haven’t caught! Since they are still free, you cannot charge me!” I doubt that this line of reasoning is a valid legal defense. Am I right?

Do you see where I am going with this? Entertaining the scenario I mentioned above about 9/11, assuming there was a chance that something could have been done. Does that mean that Benghazi is ok? It is the same exact scenario as the criminal saying “Hey man, you haven’t caught the other guys!” Just because there is an off chance that more could have been done during 9/11 or any other embassy attacks, that doesn’t negate the fact that four Americans are dead because of the “possible” actions that happened under this current administration’s watch. You cannot escape responsibility because someone else may have done the same thing and did not get caught. That’s ridiculous reasoning.

Madame Clinton, the difference that it makes is that there are witnesses coming forward to talk about the facts. The difference that it makes is that this issue is the matter at hand right now. It sounds to me that had the proper steps been taken, maybe these four brave Americans could have been saved. It sounds to me like many lies have been told about the days and the hours leading up to these attacks. It sounds to me like you guys have been caught in yet another cover up (think Fast and Furious) and it sounds to me like the public deserves answers. The dead Americans, America deserves answers. It makes a difference because there should be accountability for these preventable events. Why wasn’t help sent? Why wasn’t there heavier security? Why are Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods dead?

I’m sure if Chelsea Clinton or Malia Ann Obama were at the embassy in Benghazi, those cries for help would have been answered immediately with a force that would be felt all the way to the heavens above. In fact, I’m sure they would never get close to any scenario where help would be required. My question is why did Ambassador Stevens and his fellow Americans deserve any less?

Image: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/11/images/20081110_d-577-515h.html; author: White House photo by Eric Draper; public domain

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