Benghazi information coming out.

How do you think that the Americans that were killed in Benghazi during the 9/11/12 attacks felt? What do you think went through their minds knowing that they were being overtaken, and the special ops soldiers that wanted to come and save them were not allowed to do so because some higher up said “No, you cannot go yet”. I cannot imagine the terror, pain and betrayal that these American citizens must have experienced during those last few hours of life as fires, grenades, mortar, and gunshots erupted all around them. Aware that our government which they served was leaving them forsaken, sitting ducks to be slaughtered. I hope we get to the bottom of this and that those responsible for this pay ten fold. Not only those that were on the ground and committed the atrocities, but also those in power that refused to help. You sicken me.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Benghazi information coming out.


RT @arodomus: Benghazi information coming out.

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