Better Call Saul

Better call Saul is on its way to its 6th and final season. Over the weekend my wife and I got caught up and watched season 5 on netflix.

The show continued along the same lines of being entertaining while at times being infuriatingly stupid. For instance, why is Kim Wexler really with Saul? This dude is a walking trouble magnet and we are not talking little trouble, we are talking the type of trouble that gets you sliced up into various pieces, put in trash bags and buried in the desert. She’s such a bright, successful woman and being with Saul is just ruining her life and career. He drags her down with his stupidity, but she sticks around. I just don’t get it.

This season was pretty good, we got to see more of Gus Fring, Michael, Nacho, Lalo Salamanca and many more. There is some drama between the shot callers and things get rather hairy. Michael, Saul, Nacho and a few others get pulled into some things that they don’t really want to be a part of but they have no choice anymore. They are “in the game.”

This season we got to hang out with Lalo a lot more and I gotta tell you, the dude is pretty entertaining and terrifying all at the same time. You need 7 million dollars? Okay, I can do that.

I’m staying away from spoilers, but if you enjoyed Breaking bad, or the earlier seasons of this show, you are going to enjoy this one too.

Next up, we got season 6 coming up in a few days.

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