Beyonce on U.S currency?

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this post. I have others to write on topics that actually matter, but I have to express my views on this nonsense that I just read.

A writer for the Daily Beast put out an article listing her top choices of women to go on the new $10 bill. Some of them are deserving of the honor, and some not so much in this writer’s humble opinion.

The least deserving and most insulting of all on that list is Beyonce. Sure she’s a popular artist, and she’s made tons of money making music, but what has she done for the betterment of humanity?

I don’t know much about Beyonce, but I’m sure it would be very visible to all of us if she had partaken in some life changing steps for the human race, and riding a surf board or whatever the hell it is that she says isn’t enough.


I have nothing personal against Beyonce, nothing at all. Please don’t misunderstand this point. However, the notion that she should be put on U.S currency is ludicrous and an insult to so many others who actually deserve that honor.

I would bet you that Beyonce herself would agree with me on this one. The writer of that article has gone full crazy.

What do you think?

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